Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Media as Social Determinant-Real Reality no longer a 'reality'

“Virtual Reality vs Real Reality” as a concept talks about the way a consumer consumes the media content. Today there are varieties of media systems available. But a modern consumer is more dependent on audio visual medium thereby making it the major source of information available. Call it the nature of media or the acceptance of the media, which is responsible for making the dearest medium of all. Anything on screen seems more real as compared to other mediums. But the question is how real is the reality on screen which is trying to influence the societies at large. There are certain factors which affect the portrayal on screen and even the concepts like reality shows, reality on screen don’t represents real realities on screen. Few of them are for instance the impact of the process of production itself. Even there is a cut to transfer to another scene effects the reality behind the scene. The complex process of film making itself transforms the actual reality to virtual reality which no longer entertains the very concept of ‘reality’, the perceptions; certain view points and opinions; judgments; notions; pre-existing beliefs and ideas  of the film makers also effects the very concept of Real reality. A film maker will always try to portray on screen whatever supports his ideologies and beliefs even if not intentionally that comes automatically in the end product. There remains an influence of the film maker’s personal opinion on whatever and whichever way he wants a character to be played upon on screen. Then the factor that affects the reality on screen majorly is the limited access of the medium itself to the ones who are involved in the process of communication. Reality generally holds and supports variety of opinions. Supposedly two people can have different opinion on a certain issue and both the opinions are important and considerable to analyse the actual situation but it may happen that only one among them gets a chance or rather say can afford to get a chance to come on screen and presents his viewpoint. And this happens more in the case of electronic media because audio visual medium due to its nature demands the expensive infrastructure to produce which is not possible for all to arrange for. So ideally only the ones who can, decides what is important for us or what is not. Other than that the past experiences of the film makers tells them what usually attracts audiences or what bores them or what is usually welcomed by viewers so due to such constraints they limit themselves only in producing the similar type of content which is mostly liked and accepted. For instance an era when Saas Bahu serials were liked, the programmes with the same story lines and concepts were the part of television. When Reality shows started to emerge, there was a flood of such shows on TV. So ideally the effect of these factors can be lessened only on by ensuring the fair usage of all the media’s available. Exposure to alternative media, inclusion of first hand information’s without any intrusion of artificial set ups can balance the information and ensures the better form of communication for a better society set up.

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