Friday, July 22, 2016

Forget who owns KASHMIR…….Fill the void first

How ignorant one could be? And I believe ignorant is the wrong word. ‘Sophist’ is the right. In the midst of all that is happening in Kashmir now and rather all that had been happening since decades, when and how the two economies were given a choice to become self-proclaimed owner of the paradise.
Did any of the two states ever take pain to confirm what do people of Kashmir want? Did they ever think of not spoiling the serenity of the state with so much blood shed? Did they ever think of letting lose their desires to just see the moment of peace and happiness in the valley? Surely not.
 Sadly, we are living in that part of the planet where I can see my Facebook and Instagram posts fed with the excerpts of who wore what while exiting and entering airport, how did the Manish Malhotra’s show went yesterday night, how many celebrations were held to celebrate Vivek and Divyanka (daily soap actors on StarPlus) togetherness. On the other side, people in the valley are longing to hear their loved ones for a moment. There is space where everyone you are exchanging with these days is going gaga about Pokemon-Go, and there is another space where the life has come to the standstill with no media and connections at all.
At the point, it’s more important to fill this void than fighting over the real owner of Kashmir. At the point, it’s more important for one nation to loosen the grip they’re holding since long only for the good of humanity. Unfortunately, one has to withdraw from this tug of war and be more diligent while handling this non debatable issue. One has to at least valorize the peace and happiness that is the real need of the hour. One has to be stop manhandling the other surely.

P.S. I am worried for my family like friends in Kashmir and the prayers for their safe survival are constant. May Allah Bless the Paradise.

Monday, June 20, 2016

An abrupt ending or a new beginning? #udtapunjab

And then every morning I think of a new beginning when in deep of my hearts, I know there is nothing such to begin with. Where we are so engrossed in resolving our small trivialities we often come across the harsh realities like #udtapunjab and overlook them to again let our regular chaos overtake the big issues.
I am in a regular boring meeting when I am writing this, people talking and laughing over irrelevant stuff around, discussing over their sunday vows and shopping tales, waiting for the meeting to begin, I just looked at each face for a moment and even heard some talking about the abrupt ending of the movie I watched the previous day. Although among too many informal meetings and ‘hellos’ to the irrelevant people on a busy Sunday, I didn’t get time to go deep inside the cruciality of the matter I came across yesterday, yet I couldn’t get the film and the character out of my mind for a moment. The most apparent reason for this could be ‘I am from the same state’ damn man! That’s right. And a thought about it leaves me drained to the deep inside. 

Over the reviews with such an earnest desire, I made plan with a friend on Saturday itself and so we reported on time for the show. We heard pre-views of the ramblers outside the cinema hall, some of them were already feeling gauche due to the overrated reviews regarding the foul language used in the film. All right guys!!! There is no foul language in the film first because that is something very common in the ‘sacred’ Punjab. Pun Intended. People actually talk like that here and I can assure being the native. I am still not getting something the censor board wanted to put a ban on. I actually went through the list of 94 effective cuts censor board proposed before the movie release and felt scared of the left out cinema I were to watch if this would’ve happened in actual. The censor board wanted to take away the reality of the characters to leave it to no other than a commoner. 

The script is woven with characters so intricately that you don’t feel any stardom like while watching the film. You just feel that you are roaming in the streets of Punjab and moving with the lives of the four characters fighting and trying to understand the system and its faults. You feel helpless at many times when you see a migrant girl from Bihar gazing at a street hoarding to lead her fantasies about the holiday at Goa more engraved. She thinks that a perfect life. You feel determined with Dr. Preet Sahni and a regular inspector Sartaj to welcome a change by bringing the issue in limelight and helping the state to get rid of the drug menace. You feel empathize with Tommy Singh when he portray as someone who didn’t have any idea of the influence he had made over million lives and ruined them over times. You just feel to become the part of their journey. You just feel helpless about the abrupt ending of the movie but somewhere knows that it’s the real Punjab, where issues like that have been discussed and given a full stop just like that. 

This took me almost half the day when meetings are over, works done, promises made, food eaten, stories shared, reviews shared but the question is still the same- Where and when will the change happen? When and how will we put a stop to our regular worries and realize the gravity of the issue?
Its time for the change. Be the part of it. Support the cinema like #udtapunjab.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Employees are the ‘Organization’ themselves

While you go through the basic works of a PR or a Corporate Communication wing of any organization, managing relationships with its various publics is the one of the essential liabilities of any active PR. Among them is the most important to manage relationship with the employees. There could be end no. of reasons to say that. The most apparent is that the employees are the face of an organization. They are themselves the organizations because they assimilate everything about the organization in its most original form. They become the first promoters and marketers of the organization. They make an impact on almost all the other publics concerned. It’s essential for any organization to work thoroughly on crafting a well discussed and analysed employee relations program. Every aspect of this program has to carefully planned. It has to be carefully thought of. It has to be formulated in its most defined and filtered manner for the ease understanding. 

Employees are the most difficult to impress. A general perception of employee and organization’s relationship is devoid of favorable image among its employees. Mostly employees develop a notion that their organization doesn’t think good of them. Hence a good PR program for employee communication has to ensure that it is just not like that. Rather the organization lays equal emphasis on formulating policies for the employees. A good PR policy shall ensure the employees that the organization thinks of them more than a mere individual who they have to pay a defined amount for the works done. A good program has to portray to the employees that their concerns are being taken care of. 

As it is of prime importance to first strengthen bonds at base level and then aim at others, a good PR policy of any organization has to address employee needs. It has to impart the feeling of belongingness and earns the good will of the people responsible for making the organization what it is.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Event Management: A creative skill

Explaining Events is a one difficult task. As easier the word sounds and seems, as difficult it is to explain. Anything and everything can be an event. It’s not necessary that every event has an objective. But the events which are managed specially while employing certain rules and techniques certainly have a well-defined objective. So I would rather say that Event management is a skill based practice. The more you have experimented with your skills, the more familiar you are with the potential risks and the outcomes. 

Events can be referred as any occasion or gathering where people have gathered to share or celebrate any happening. Events are mostly organized for a particular purpose however sometimes the events are organized just to express an emotion or to get entertainment. While categorizing events, we can explain events from certain perspectives. On the bases of size, events can vary from small to Big to Grand events. On the bases of type, events can vary from sports to entertainment to business to so on. On the bases of context, events can vary from spreading awareness, to get education or to explain a phenomenon.
Ideally, Event Management is a process which gives identity to an otherwise vague concept of organizing an occasion. It is carefully analyzing, planning, executing, performing and evaluating the organized activity in a way that results in making an occasion more prominent, organized from all spheres, interesting and visible to the audience involved in it.
While managing an event, the role of event manager remains the most important. He has to take responsibility for very little minute detail and requirement at any point or at any time. If to list down the major responsibilities of an event manager, I would define it in the following points:
·         He does the environment scanning by analyzing the situation.
·         He plans for a process which would result in a better organized celebration.
·         He executes the already planned event.
·         He would hold the various people involved responsible for the coordination of step wise procedure.
·         He would make sure that nothing is left unplanned.
·         He would evaluate the outcomes of a planned exercise.
·         He would take an account of everything required for the successful commencement of an event.