Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Employees are the ‘Organization’ themselves

While you go through the basic works of a PR or a Corporate Communication wing of any organization, managing relationships with its various publics is the one of the essential liabilities of any active PR. Among them is the most important to manage relationship with the employees. There could be end no. of reasons to say that. The most apparent is that the employees are the face of an organization. They are themselves the organizations because they assimilate everything about the organization in its most original form. They become the first promoters and marketers of the organization. They make an impact on almost all the other publics concerned. It’s essential for any organization to work thoroughly on crafting a well discussed and analysed employee relations program. Every aspect of this program has to carefully planned. It has to be carefully thought of. It has to be formulated in its most defined and filtered manner for the ease understanding. 

Employees are the most difficult to impress. A general perception of employee and organization’s relationship is devoid of favorable image among its employees. Mostly employees develop a notion that their organization doesn’t think good of them. Hence a good PR program for employee communication has to ensure that it is just not like that. Rather the organization lays equal emphasis on formulating policies for the employees. A good PR policy shall ensure the employees that the organization thinks of them more than a mere individual who they have to pay a defined amount for the works done. A good program has to portray to the employees that their concerns are being taken care of. 

As it is of prime importance to first strengthen bonds at base level and then aim at others, a good PR policy of any organization has to address employee needs. It has to impart the feeling of belongingness and earns the good will of the people responsible for making the organization what it is.

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