Friday, July 22, 2016

Forget who owns KASHMIR…….Fill the void first

How ignorant one could be? And I believe ignorant is the wrong word. ‘Sophist’ is the right. In the midst of all that is happening in Kashmir now and rather all that had been happening since decades, when and how the two economies were given a choice to become self-proclaimed owner of the paradise.
Did any of the two states ever take pain to confirm what do people of Kashmir want? Did they ever think of not spoiling the serenity of the state with so much blood shed? Did they ever think of letting lose their desires to just see the moment of peace and happiness in the valley? Surely not.
 Sadly, we are living in that part of the planet where I can see my Facebook and Instagram posts fed with the excerpts of who wore what while exiting and entering airport, how did the Manish Malhotra’s show went yesterday night, how many celebrations were held to celebrate Vivek and Divyanka (daily soap actors on StarPlus) togetherness. On the other side, people in the valley are longing to hear their loved ones for a moment. There is space where everyone you are exchanging with these days is going gaga about Pokemon-Go, and there is another space where the life has come to the standstill with no media and connections at all.
At the point, it’s more important to fill this void than fighting over the real owner of Kashmir. At the point, it’s more important for one nation to loosen the grip they’re holding since long only for the good of humanity. Unfortunately, one has to withdraw from this tug of war and be more diligent while handling this non debatable issue. One has to at least valorize the peace and happiness that is the real need of the hour. One has to be stop manhandling the other surely.

P.S. I am worried for my family like friends in Kashmir and the prayers for their safe survival are constant. May Allah Bless the Paradise.

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